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Embracing the Americas, starting with Mexico

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May 17, 2011
Source: Policy Options Canada has created the most successful bilateral relationship in the world with the United States but our commitment to the Americas has lacked heart and soul. Colin Robertson writes that it's time to embrace our membership in the Americas, starting with Mexico. Download report

On the Global Drug Policy Debate

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July 15, 2011
On April 27 the CIC’s National Capital Branch held a seminar on drug policy that resulted in a report titled, Drugs, Violence and Hemispheric Security: Implications and Options for Canada. The seminar took place just in advance of two landmarks in the international drug policy debate: in early June the Global Commission on Drug Policy published a comprehensive report denouncing current antidrug efforts; two weeks later, June 16 marked the fortieth anniversary of US President Nixon’s declaration of a “war ...

CIC Saskatoon: Recent Developments in Turkey

CIC Saskatoon is pleased to welcome Chris Kilford, a well-respected voice on issues of Turkey and the Middle East. Mr Kilford will also be visiting CIC Edmonton and Calgary.