Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada will accede to the ATT. That’s a step in the right direction, writes Srdjan Vucetic, but it won’t end debate over arms exports.


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What joining the Arms Trade Treaty means for Canada

Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada will accede to the ATT. That’s a step in the right direction, writes Srdjan Vucetic, but it won’t end debate over arms exports or the Saudi deal.
Theresa May

What’s behind Theresa May’s election gamble in the UK?

With a general election called for June 8, is May a shoo-in? Jeremy Kinsman, former Canadian high commissioner to the UK, on why now and what could throw the narrative. 

Inside the nativist nationalism splitting Europe apart

As the French presidential election approaches, Matthew Goodwin delves into what’s really behind populist movements like Marine Le Pen’s (hint: it’s more than the economic factor). From our partners at CIGI. 
G7 Italy

Read The Fine Print: Comparing disarmament texts, before and after Trump

What a difference a year makes, writes Paul Meyer, as he asks whether changes to the G7's official statements signal a retreat from disarmament goals. 

Canadian Innovation: How to get back in the game

In case you missed it... For OpenCanada, Mai Nguyen looks at public policies around the world that bolster innovation and asks which policies may serve as a model for Canada.

Climate Change Essay Finalists: Envisioning Canada in 2067

How can Canada help end climate change? As the three young winners of the 2017 Lieutenant Governor’s Climate Change Essay Challenge are honoured April 21 in Toronto, read their entries here.


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After the attempted coup

In order to put the results of last weekend's referendum in Turkey in context, read this in-depth New York Times piece by Suzy Hansen on the purge currently being undertaken in the country by Erdogan's government. Kurds, Gulenists, doctors, professors — no one can quite consider themselves safe, as the state expands its enemies list and a fragile democracy is tested.

More 'Mother of All Bombs'?

The 21,000-pound bomb dropped on a network of tunnels used by insurgents in Afghanistan drew global attention — but how did those in the country feel about the strike? Reporting from Kabul, Ruchi Kumar writes that Afghan leaders are keen to see more U.S. power on display in the battle against ISIS, whose methods are deplored even by local Taliban groups and sympathizers. For Foreign Policy.


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Peacekeeping in the Middle East

April 26, 2017, Victoria
Lecture with Major-General Denis Thompson, who commanded the Multinational Force & Observers (MFO) on the Sinai between Egypt and Israel for three years.
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Private Kenneth Duncanson Finally Laid to Rest after 72 Years

May 2, 2017, Saskatoon

Private Kenneth Duncanson fought and died for Canada in Belgium in 1944, but his remains were only found in 2014. Join CIC Saskatoon and Duncanson's relatives as they tell the incredible story of family and communities coming together to celebrate great courage under fire of 72 years ago.
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The Case for Divesting from Fossil Fuels in Canada

May 11, 2017, Waterloo
A public talk on divestment from fossil fuels by Jeff Rubin, CIGI senior fellow and former chief economist at CIBC World Markets.

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